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You are buying a New Set of High Performance 2004-2012 Mazda RX-8 Engine Mount Set

  • Free PROGi Racing decal with your purchase!!!
  • Features:
  1. They are high quality made from polyurethane.
  2. You will received one Left and one Right side engine mounts.
  3. Fits RX-8's with Automatic or Manual 5 or 6-speed transmission.
  4. This engine mounts are lightweight when compared to stock OEM or other similar engine mounts. All unnecessary material are removed for an easy installation and to lightweight the car for better performance.
  5. More quicker acceleration.
  6. Great for a daily driver or racing car.
  7. Direct fit, so no other modifications are necessary.
  8. Direct replacement for the OEM oil filled engine mounts that leaks over the time and transfer vibrations to the chassis.This ProGi mounts are made from high quality polyurethane, so they contains no oil to leak.
  9. Are more stiffer than OEM engine mounts, but less stiffer that solid engine mounts.


Through the years the soft OEM rubber bushings deteriorate after constant flexing and vibration as well as being punished through weathering; engine heat and roads conditions. This can cause them to tear and loose their internal filling oil that may seriously damage your engine and transmission. These ProGi polyurethane engine mounts are perfect for the enthusiast who is looking to get the most from their RX-8 as they will allow more quicker acceleration transferring immediately the power to the rear wheels instead of absorbing the energy into the original soft rubber. They also are a great replacement for the OEM, soft and fluffy engine mounts. You will notice the instant power transfer to the rear wheels after the installation. Your RX-8 will love it.


Best quality and price GUARANTEED!!!

RX-8 Engine Mount Set

$299.00 Regular Price
$239.20Sale Price
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