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SOLD at Set of 4

Precision Turbo 880 Fuel Injector Repair Kits

This Rebuilt Kit is for the Precision Turbo 880 fuel injectors. 

If you are getting fuel odor inside the cabin and or at the engine compartment, that means your fuel injectors o-rings are bad and they are leaking gasoline.

Anytime that you take your fuel injector away from the fuel rail or have a fuel leak around the fuel injectors, you need to replace the o-rings. Always replace the soft parts and install new ones to avoid a gasoline leak and the potential of fire hazard on the engine compartment. Also with new filters in place, the fuel injector will flow better.

We recommend at the moment of installation to lubricate the fuel injectors o-rings with clean engine oil for proper sealing.

This Rebuilt Kit is for 4 fuel injectors. We will include:

•4 pcs Micro Filters 

•4 pcs of red O-rings (FKM VITON VITON material

•4 pcs of lower grommets (FKM )material

Precision Turbo 880 Fuel Injector Repair Kits Set of 4

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