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SOLD at Set of 4 connectors

Description: EV1 Bosch Style Female Connector



  • High Quality
  • Interior and Exterior weather sealing silicone grommets (Protects and seals from outside elements)
  • Quick release (Just press the pin and voila')
  • Rubber Boot to protect cable from excesive vibration
  • Race Proven



  • Stock, High Performance or Racing Applications
  • Any square style EV1 connector (Please see the photos)
  • Automotive, motorcycle and marine applications
  • Ideal for custom applications
  • Can replace OEM damage or broken connector for Fuel Injectors,  IAC (Idle Air Control) selenoid, ACV (Air Control Valve), Warm Up Enrichment Selenoid,  and any other kind of selenoids that use this style of connector.

EV1 Bosch Style Female Fuel Injector Connector (Pigtail) Set of 4

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