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This is a 3 BAR or 44 psi MAP Sensor for Programable (Standalone) ECU for high performance engines.


  • High quality aftermarket
  • Map Sensor Range: 3 Bar or 44 psi
  • Pigtail included
  • Measurement Error: <=±1%

  • Pressure Measurement: 44 psi absolute

  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 267 °F (-40 to 125 °C)

  • Response: 1ms, 10 to 90% pressure step.

  • Temperature compensated.

  • Compatible with all aftermarket engine management systems.

  • For aftermarket programable (standalone) ECU like Electromotive, Motec, Haltech, Megasquirt, AEM, BigStuff3, FAST, Microtech and others
  • Suitable for turbocharged or supercharged engines.
  • Street and racing use.
  • ECU need tuning to run this high pressure MAP Sensor

Pin Out is:

A = Ground = Black Wire

B = Sensor Output = Blue Wire

C = +5 Volt Source = Red Wire

The pressure inside your intake manifold is extremely important input to the ECU. A quality MAP sensor is crucial to your engines performance. These sensors will respond to changes in manifold pressures and relay the information to the ECU in the form of a voltage signal ranging. We have tested these sensors on many kinds of vehicles such as Honda, Acura, Ford Mustang, Mazda rx-7 vehicles making 600-700 horsepower to Dodge Viper Turbo vehicles making 1000 horsepower! Installing this sensor is very easy!

3 BAR (44PSI) GM MAP Sensor for Programable Standalone ECU

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